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Greetings, fabulous pet parent! 🥳 I'm bursting with excitement to share a little secret: our latest dog accessory designs are just 'round the corner, hitting the shelves on 1st July! Can you believe it? Our brilliant community—you know who you are—have been longing for these, and guess what? Your wish is our command. We're all about the perfect trio of safety, comfort, and utterly swoon-worthy style. So, keep your eyes on our blog, newsletter, and all things social media for the grand showcase. And hey, don't be the last to the party—sign up for our newsletter with haste! 🎈 #DogLoversUnite #SneakPeek #CantEvenWait

Sneak Peek Alert: What's Dropping Soon!

"Don't Pet Me" – The Cute Way

You know the feeling, right? Parading down the street with your dog and suddenly—BAM—unwanted stranger hands! 😬 We understand. That's why our new collection is sending awkwardness packing with the cheekiest of messages like "back off, mate" in the most gracious way possible. Imagine your dog strolling with a walking set that states "I'm the belle of the ball, but hands off the merchandise" or "Sure, I'm cute—just send a friend request first." Adorable, right? Brace yourself for the grand reveal, and let's ensure you're signed up to receive the VIP details first. 💌

React-O-Meter: Keeping It Chill

Not all pups are into the 'let's be pals' attitude. Some possess a bit more…spice. 😅 And that word "reactive"? It's been unfairly labelled as a dog faux pas. In truth? They're just misunderstood little bundles of emotion.

But here's our latest stroke of genius: leads that help those spirited pups keep their cool in crowded places. With striking messages that get the point across in a friendly manner. Premium, cosy fits? Absolutely. Making walks a breeze for both of you? Indeed. Let's revolutionise the experience for our sensitive dogs. 🚀

Statement Pieces for Stylish Struts

Sometimes it’s all about making an impression, and tails will surely wag for these show-stoppers. Our upcoming collection is laden with flair and personality. From dazzling colours to phrases that'll have passersby gawking, "Blimey, that dog’s got style!" These are perfect for the dog that dances to their own tune and isn't bashful about it. Expect the unexpected and get ready to deck your best mate out in the chicest manner possible. 😎

Straight Talk: Why Our Gear Sets the Bark High

Spelling Out the Dos and Don'ts

Ever wished your pup came with a guide for strangers? Consider it done. Our products will voice your concerns so you don't have to. Endearing yet assertive phrases ensure everyone abides by the dog etiquette. Bid farewell to those cumbersome moments, It’s about teaching people to interact safely in the dog park of life. 🌳🐕

Keeping Your Fur Baby Safer Than Ever

The safety of your dog is paramount, wouldn't you agree? Absolutely. Our creations are more than just irresistible; they're loaded with safety features as well. We convey your dog's nature to ensure seamless interactions and trouble-free adventures. Plus, our durable materials and smart design allow you to focus on the joy, rather than the "what-ifs." Securing peace of mind, one leash at a time—that's the way we do things. 🔒

Here's to the Posh Life for your dog

We all aspire for our dogs to live their most splendid life. Our accessories are designed to transform the regular walk into a tranquil jaunt through canine nirvana. Seeing your loyal companion happy, safe, and exuding confidence? It's what every pet parent dreams of. And take note, our accessories might even spark a conversation with your park friends. It's a win-win! 🌟

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Join us in the wonderful world of social media! All the latest action, sneak previews, and cute dogs setting boundaries—it's the vibe. Send us a message on Insta or dash over to TikTok to see all the joyous tails. Become part of our family, dish the dirt about your furry original, and let’s create some buzz together. Come on in, the water's lovely! 🌊

Your Stories, Our Spotlight

Shall we get personal? Lu and I talk a lot about our stories and your stories energise us—and they can bring a sense of belonging to other pet owners too. Take a photo, drop us a line, and let's share both the heartwarming and the comical moments. Who knows, your dog might just be the next sensation in the world of dog celebrities. Brighten up the conversation, spread the cheer, and let's hear it for our cherished barkers. We're all ears—honestly. 🗣️👂

Into the Design Studio: Sneak a Look at the Magic

Before these stunners are released, have a gander at the creativity potion mixed into every clever creation. We've taken your experiences, stirred them into a pot of ingenuity, and there you have it! Whether it's capturing sentiments with "Tough Cookie Needs a Break" harnesses, or eliciting giggles with a "Sassy Lassie" collar, it's all for you and your tail-wagger. Grab a sneak preview via our posts, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for that glossy newsletter. Everyone loves exclusive access, am I right? 🎟️

So, give those fluffy foreheads a kiss and mark 1st July with a huge heart. Great things are en route, and your pup is going to be at the front and centre of it all! Stay updated with us, shout out, and remember: we rise by lifting others. 😘🐾

Catch you later, fantastic hoomans and hounds![Soft panting sounds]Speak soon and much love, Flor & Lu 💖

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